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Special Unique Deal on 33,641 Properties

10% Cashback If For Charities; 5% If For You

Applies to 33,641 of the 39,702 properties listed (85%)

We offer 10 percent cashback (nearly all of our commission) on every hotel reservation booked in the "Special Rates" section of a rates page (which is denoted by a "Sale" Tag) IF you elect to give this 10 percent to a charity or a non-profit fundraising activity (such as a school fundraiser). If you elect to keep the cashback for yourself, we offer 5 percent cash back. You'll know when you're booking a special rate because it will look like this at the top of the rate:
Special Rates (learn more)

These percentages are based on the the total room rate, not including taxes/fees. We will send the check for the charity or non-profit fundraiser to you. It is then up to you to submit it to the entity. This offer is unique and it will hopefully stay that way (we hope others don't start copying it). Another thing unique about this offer is that you don't have to accumulate a certain amount of money before we send a check. We also don't require that you have to make a certain amount of reservations in order to receive this offer. We'll send you your check within 1 month from the time you check out.

This offer is available to anyone in the world. We will deduct $1.50 for delivery charges to mail checks to USA customers, $1.75 for Canadian and Mexican customers, and $2 for a customer of any other country. If you make more than one reservation during each monthly period, we'll send you one check, rather than multiple checks.

If you decide to shop around on web sites, please deduct 10 percent from the posted rate on our site for an accurate comparison. If you do this, you'll see our prices are lower (10 percent lower as everyone almost always has the same exact prices).

Important: If you elect to keep the cash back for yourself, you need not do anything after making a reservation. We'll assume you're not giving it to a charity or non-profit fundraiser, and we'll mail your check as mentioned above. However, if you're electing to double your cashback by giving it to a charity, send an e-mail to with your confirmation number, the name of the non-profit organization to write the check to, and the web site of the organization. We'll likely check this web site address to make sure it is either a charity or non-profit organization. In the memo of the check, we'll put in "donation to [Charitable organization] from [Your Name]". It is likely that this donation will be tax-deductible.

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